lundi 20 juillet 2009

the red glass

Study Home # 20, Buff, Straub & Hensman architectes
Photo Julius Schulman, 1958. Vu Ici
Une série de maisons du mouvement moderne, toutes incroyables !!!
Some houses from the modern mouvement of architecture, really fantastic !!!

C'est le premier anniversaire de mon blog !!! 
the first year blog anniversary !!!
1 an déjà et que de belles rencontres... merci encore !
1 year already and beautiful meetings... thanks a lot !

12 commentaires:

jane a dit…

happy anniversary!! i´m so glad you started! besos!

Le blÖg d'Ötli a dit…

Joyeux anniversaire !!! La vie est belle ici Össi !

Joyce a dit…

Happy Blog Anniversary!!

I agree some of the structures back at that time were simple, clean line and very modern in that era.

I raise my red glass to you for many more years of wonderful blogging! xoxo

ibb a dit…

Congratulations! It is a great blog. Love it.

I loved the concert. She is so sweet, and ended singing Leonard Cohen, "dance until the end of love" so..could not describe.

Beautiful discovery.

la lune dans le ciel a dit…

on fête ça ?au fait j'étais à Yvoire et si tu passes un jour dans le coin d'abord fait-moi signe et puis on ira manger les filets de perche et puis une énorme glace là-bas !

allison a dit…

happy birthday, m'dame, que l'année à venir te porte autant de bonnes choses que tu nous apportes avec ton blog. bises!

kristina * a dit…

congratulations! i'm glad you are blogging! keep posting these inspirational photos and thoughts! :)

p.s.: i love that shulman shot. we have it as a wallpaper on the computer at the bookshop!

something sad: did you hear julius shulman died last week? he was very old. i bet he was very proud and grateful for having been able to take so many iconic photographs of classic modern and midcentury buildings. what a privilege.

epe a dit…

congratulations for you and your fantastic blog!! :)

Cabrizette a dit…

@ thanks everyone ! you're so sweet...
@ Elodie, ce sera avec plaisir la glace ensemble !!! mais je ne sais pas quand... !
@ Kristina, in fact, it was a little homage to Shulman...thanks to be here ! I appreciate.

malo a dit…

Happy anniversary! Wonderful house on the picture with that round shape in brick and the tree in the background.

MODsquad a dit…

Happy Blog Anniversary!!

Totally dig that house!

Dana a dit…

auguri. . . or congratulations :)