dimanche 3 mai 2009

retour de Corse

Charcuterie corse... une semaine délicieuse !!!
Back from Corsica, it was so great and delicious.
photo Y. Margulles prise .

4 commentaires:

jane a dit…

I´m glad you ejoyed yourself! Man do those look good.

Ritva a dit…

nice to see you back!

allison a dit…

et du beau temps?

Jeannette a dit…

Those look yummie!
I´m just back from Le Croisic and yes we had our first night stay in La Baule. Loved it!
Discovered a very nice café and spend some time in the sun there.
I´m allready homesick for La douce France. ;)
Big hugs, Jeannette