mercredi 6 mai 2009


Berlin demain... suite et fin d'un cadeau, en beauté !!!
Merci qui ? Berlin for few days... so exciting !

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Jeannette a dit…

What a great gift.
Did I understand well that you are going to the Berliner Philharmoniker?
How exciting!
Have lots of fun and I will read all about it when you come back.

ivryzo et ivryzette a dit…

Bon voyage. Amusez vous bien!!
Vous allez vous régaler.
Et après on y retourne ensemble, avec les nains!!!

Kristina * a dit…

have just discovered your blog via jeannette's - have a great time in berlin!

best from berlin, kristina

Esti a dit…

Lucky you! I'd love to visit Berlin!

epe a dit…

lucky you!

allison a dit…

je sèche, merci qui??

jane a dit…

Have a great time! Can´t wait to see your photos!